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Homoon "Wollock" Chung Youn

Homoon, surprisingly, came to art as a second act in life. She first pursued her passion in French Literature, receiving her Master's degree from New York University (1966), after initially studying for 2 years at the Sorbonne in Paris. Earlier, she received her Bachelor's degree in the same field from Ewha Women's University, Korea (1962). 

Homoon began her study of ink brush painting in the Philippines in 1970, as a student of Professor Chen Bing-Sun. Starting with calligraphy, she grew bored and Professor Chen encouraged her to elevate her interest to art, which she has pursued ever since. As her skill grew, she joined group exhibits and became more confident, and soon launched into solo exhibits. She also received mentorship from the famous Taiwanese Masters: Li Chi Mao, General Yeh Tsui-Pai, and Chao Shao-An. She eventually established and taught at her own school, Wollok Atelier, both in Seoul and Manila for over two decades. Extending beyond rice paper, she now also paints in various media, including pottery, silk fabric, and Korean Folk Art. Her artist pen name, "Wollock," means Deer under the Moon.

Homoon has had 15 solo exhibits throughout her lifetime of painting. She began her first exhibits in Seoul, Korea starting in 1978. In 1982, her third solo exhibit received an Award of Appreciation from the Art Society of International School Manila. This was followed in succession by three annual solo exhibits in Manhattan and Scarsdale, New York from 1984 – 1987.

As her expertise grew, she expanded her horizons to pottery. She held a critically acclaimed Blue and White Porcelain exhibit in Manila. In the late '80s, after studying with the three great Chinese Masters Li, Yeh and Chao, Homoon settled on one of her great subjects: Theme of Horse. She exhibited her celestial trademark "Flying Horses" in Seoul.

In the next decade, she also began focusing on painting traditional Korean silk clothing, hosting her 9th Solo as "Art to Wear". In the '90s, she discovered her second great subject, the lotus flower, which mirrored her simultaneous interest in yoga meditation. She held two major exhibits on the Theme of Lotus from 1992 – 1994. When her family moved back to Seoul in 1995, she continued to paint and exhibit, with her last solo being a charity exhibit in 2005.

KTN Television Interview (Korean)
Homoon Youn Video Interview at Korea Television Network in Duluth, GA

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