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Homoon "Wollok" Chung's Chinese Brush Painting Gallery

6 ContinentsWelcome to the online photo gallery of the paintings of Homoon "Wollok" Chung. Homoon has become the pre-eminent horse and lotus brush painter in Korea. We hope you enjoy the unique style that she has become famous for. Many of the paintings shown on this site are "classics" that Homoon painted decades ago that pose a striking difference with the new style she has developed in more recent years.

The interpretive beauty of Chinese Brush painting has been passed down for centuries and as one artist hands down their style and technique from one generation to another, students learn by studying and copying the master works of the past. Having spent decades learning the techniques by copying the works of grand masters, Lotus on Gold Homoon's style has now grown and developed into her own unique interpretation of subjects and represents a departure from most traditional Chinese Brush painting styles.

Recently Homoon has focused on Horses and Lotus as her main subjects, as you can see in these galleries. However, she has painted many different subjects over the years, from landscapes, to carp, cherry blossoms, or peacocks her versatility spans many time periods and styles. If there are any specific brush painting subjects you would like to inquire about, it is very likely that Homoon will be able to accomodate your request.

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